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JED PLC is an indigenous electricity Company, incorporated in Nigeria to carry out the business of electricity distribution and retail sale in the franchise states of Benue, Plateau, Bauchi and Gombe. We pride ourselves on delivering quality electricity to our esteemed customers.

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What Customers Say

Saleh Mohd

Gombe resident

You have really shown us that you are ready to serve us in 2021, 6hrs of uninterrupted supply, Kudus

Daniel Igoche

Jos resident

I give Kudos to your polite reply to your customers. I want to know if we in Angwan Mission - Tudun Wada in Jos are part of these meters and when we should start expecting if truly we are

Aondona Tersugh

Jos resident

Thanks for the information. We do appreciate your recent uninterrupted power supply, keep on JED PLC.

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Board of Directors

Alh Ibrahim S. Bello

Chairman of the Board
Highly Qualified

Management Team

Engr. Abdu Bello Mohammed


Mammanlafia Umar

Chief Operating Officer

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Frequently Asked Questions
  • How many times can I recharge my meter in a month?

    As many times as you can afford depending on your consumption.

  • What is KCT and when do I need the KCT code?

    KCT stands for “Key Change Token” and it is a set of two 20 digits numbers (40 in all) needed whenever there is a need to reconfigure/change your meter's tariff index.

  • What do I do when my meter displays “LINK ERROR”?

    1-Ensure the meter is properly paired
    2-Use a very strong dry cell battery in your UIU
    3-Ensure your change over switch is on utility supply
    4-Use socket with the least number of joints e.g cooker socket
    5- Report to the nearest JED Plc office

  • What do I do when my meter displays “TIME OUT”?

    Ensure the meter is properly paired and use a very strong dry cell battery then try recharging.

  • Why is my PPM captured on the wrong feeder and service Band?

    Due to incorrect customer details captured on our database. In such a case, immediately approach the nearest JED Plc customer care unit for your details to be updated.

  • I recharged, and after few days my unit got exhausted, what do I do?

    You have simply exhausted your unit. Therefore, recharge again.

  • What do I do if I want to top up my meter and there is no power supply in my area?

    Until the supply is restored and the meter is powered. If not, you will not be able to recharge.

Our Tariffs

New Tariff Price Takes effect from 1st July, 2024 As Directed by NERC
Band A
  • check R1 (LIFELINE) ₦4.00
  • check A - MD1 ₦209.50
  • check A - MD2 ₦209.50
  • check A - Non MD ₦209.50
Band B
  • check R1 (LIFELINE) ₦4.00
  • check B - MD1 ₦68.02
  • check B - MD2 ₦71.97
  • check B - Non MD ₦63.26
Band C
  • check R1 (LIFELINE) ₦4.00
  • check C - MD1 ₦58.01
  • check C - MD2 ₦59.45
  • check C - Non MD ₦52.83
Band D
  • check R1 (LIFELINE) ₦4.00
  • check D - MD1 ₦54.24
  • check D - MD2 ₦54.24
  • check D - Non MD ₦40.12
Band E
  • check R1 (LIFELINE) ₦4.00
  • check E - MD1 ₦52.95
  • check E - MD2 ₦54.24
  • check E - Non MD ₦39.90
JED PLC hereby notifies its esteemed customers that it has implemented the revised Band A Feeders Tariff as mandated by the NERC. Please note that the tariffs have been reviewed from ₦206.80 per kwh to ₦209.50 per kwh, effective from the 1st of July 2024. This applies to Band A feeders only with a minimum of 20 hours supply. Check this website and our social media handles for the new tariffs and to see if you're affected, or contact us for more information.